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Made to Order

Nearly everything we make is custom, personalized and made to order. Each projects design has a special personal meaning and we love helping bring a new idea to life and always get excited to see the finished product. This custom made oak cribbage board was no exception and we think you’ll agree it came out absolutely perfect. Contact us now and learn what we can create for you.

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What is more fun than playing cribbage at the lake? Playing cribbage on a personalized board that features your lake!

One of the more unique and interesting boards we make is something we call the Lake Cribbage board. It is available in either pine, oak or maple. Customization options include a carved perimeter and name of any lake, pond or body of water (so long as Google knows about it). In addition, we can carve a family or camp name and even add an established date.

Any time someone reaches out to us to ask about a new lake, or one we haven’t done yet, it’s a bit exciting for us to create the template and proof for the first time. I think what is so appealing for our customers and fun for us, is the notion that no two boards we make are exactly the same.

The board featured here was no exception, and was well received by the Marquis family recently as a truly one of kind wedding gift. Congratulations to the newlyweds and thank you for letting us be a part of something special!

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New England Patriot and Tom Brady fans know who the GOAT is!

The GOAT symbol featuring Tom Brady #12

We designed this handmade carved cribbage board with New England Patriots and Tom Brady fans in mind. Our board has been so popular, we recently updated the design a bit to add better contrast on the GOAT carving itself, and also rounded off the corners to give this board a sleeker look.

This board can be ordered by clicking here! We make most orders upon receipt, so please allow 3-4 days for us to produce it before shipping.

New England Patriots Tom Brady #12 Tribute Cribbage Board
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On-Board Cribbage Peg Storage

Clever peg storage compartment
Optional upgraded on board cribbage peg storage

Many of our customers have asked and we have been working on several different designs for peg storage. Because of this our testing has finally paid off and we have good news! So we now have a fully functional, simple and practical design. With our sleek new add-on solution for all of our cribbage boards, people will enjoy having cribbage peg storage right on the board!

Never lose your pegs again because you can easily store your pegs right into the bottom of the board. Simply rotate the disc over the storage compartment to access. You can easily store up to 9 metal pegs safely and securely.

We are you sure you will agree this add-on makes the perfect upgrade. Purchase these stunning deluxe metal cribbage pegs to make your board even better!