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What is more fun than playing cribbage at the lake? Playing cribbage on a personalized board that features your lake!

One of the more unique and interesting boards we make is something we call the Lake Cribbage board. It is available in either pine, oak or maple. Customization options include a carved perimeter and name of any lake, pond or body of water (so long as Google knows about it). In addition, we can carve a family or camp name and even add an established date.

Any time someone reaches out to us to ask about a new lake, or one we haven’t done yet, it’s a bit exciting for us to create the template and proof for the first time. I think what is so appealing for our customers and fun for us, is the notion that no two boards we make are exactly the same.

The board featured here was no exception, and was well received by the Marquis family recently as a truly one of kind wedding gift. Congratulations to the newlyweds and thank you for letting us be a part of something special!